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Tiny Toes Gymnastics (3-4 years old)

Gymnastics is great for developing and improving motor skills. Classes are designed to help children develop balance, body awareness, flexibility and coordination. Tiny Toes gymnasts learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, such as walking exercises on a balance beam and strength exercises on a bar. In addition to learning skills, the gymnasts are taught the basic fundamentals of standing in line, following an obstacle course and staying with an instructor.

Girls Beginner, Intermediate and *Advanced Gymnastics

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for girls focus on the development of gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility. Students perform skills on all of the gymnastics events, including bars, beam, floor, vault, trampoline and tumble track.  Classes are structured for skill progression and are designed to develop, refine and build new skills as students progress through the classes. 
*Gymnasts interested in joining the Advanced Gymnastics class must be evaluated by the class instructor.

Boys Gymnastics

Boys gymnastics classes will focus on the development of gymnastics skills, strength and conditioning. Boy gymnasts will be able to do the gymnastics events, including bars, rings, floor, vault and tumble track.

Beginner and Intermediate Tumbling (10 years old and up)

Tumbling classes are designed to teach tumbling from a gymnastics perspective, emphasizing correct technique and execution. Beginning with technique, a skill is split up into pieces in order for the tumblers to understand what it is supposed to look like and how their bodies should feel while doing it. Class instructors focus on progression when learning new skills in order to maximize understanding and strength while tumbling. They want the tumblers to be confident and be able to understand the mechanics.
Team Tumbling      
Your cheerleading team can finally learn and practice tumbling together. 60-minute and 90-minute segments once each week are offered for team tumbling. If your team is new to tumbling and needs to learn the basics, or if your team is advanced and is working on flipping and multiple twisting, team tumbling is the way to go! Your team will get the highest quality coaching from our talented gymnastics staff and the rate is discounted based off your team's size.

Tumbling/Stunt Program

It's the day of Tryouts or Competition You just finished warming up. Your waiting to be called, your adrenaline is pumping, you have butterflies in your stomach, and your anticipation is running wild. Just then, they call your name, it's go time. You step out on the floor, your nerves settle, your mind focuses and your training takes over. Uknight takes a fun but direct approach to coaching, all while striving to create a positive and challenging atmosphere for athletes to become the very best version of themselves. Through proper form and instruction, it’s our mission to make sure you're prepared in that moment.
What is Uknight? It is Cheer/tumbling/stunting meets Skill specific training.

Primary Focus is teaching a complete understanding of each skill, not just telling and spotting.

"Discipline without Direction is Drudgery"

These are the skills that will be taught in each class.

Each class builds on the other, You must demonstrate that you have the proper skills from one class to move up to the next class.

Back handspring classes

Level 2

• Back Handspring • Double Jump pause Handspring pause Handspring • Round-off Back Handspring • Back Handspring Step Out • Cartwheel Back Handspring • Back Walkover Back Handspring • Round-off Series BHS • Front Walkover Through to…. • Any and all combinations of Level 1 and 2 skills •standing series

Tucks/set class

Level 3

• Series Back Handsprings to proper set position • Handspring, Handspring Step Out Round-off Tuck • Round-off Back Handspring Tuck • Front Walkover through to…Tuck • Punch Front • Punch Front Forward Roll • Any and all combinations of Level 1, 2, and 3 skills

Layout/intro to fulls

Level 4

• Standing Tuck • Series to Tuck • Series to Layout • Round-off Handspring Layout (a straight leg flip on the tumble track is not a layout) • Round-off Whip through…(only after layout is perfected) • X-Out • Layout Step Out • Layout Switch Kick • Punch Through to…Layout/Layout Step Out • Round-off Handspring full drill (only once layout is perfected) • Any and all combinations of Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Skills


Class Policies

  • Tuition rates for classes are per month
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of the month
  • There is a $10 late fee applied to all tuition paid after the 5th of the month
  • Tuition is non-refundable
  • Jacksons requires a WRITTEN 30-day drop notice for all classes and team members before leaving
Please see the class schedule for a complete list of prices!
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